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Set to challenge accepted luxury norms, the Port Palace boutique hotel is a true essay in hospitality, offering one of the highest bathroom space ratio in any room category with an average of 27% of total room surface. And the average room surface itself is the largest in each category!
So many hotels often miss the point that a Hotel offers first and foremost a room for an out-of-town guest. Our goal is to provide the best room experience possible. Appointing our guest rooms and suites with  exceptional amenities reaching to the tiniest of details. Come judge for yourselves. Just compare fact sheets and rates, then decide where you want to stay in Monte-Carlo and where value truly lies. By the way, all rooms face the Marina. No other luxury hotel can guarantee it.

Unchain your views on Monte-Carlo and come discover the new Monte Carlo: chic, hip and so surprisingly affordable.
Enjoy the off-season low rates before the season rates kick in.

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PORT PALACE Services & Amenities

1st floor only
2nd – 5th floor
1st – 5th floor
2nd – 5th floor
Room Size 398 ft² 549 ft² 667 ft² 958 ft²
View on the marina Yes Yes Yes Yes
TV, multilanguage channels, VOD 42″ 42″ 42″ 42″
Wifi Access Free Free Free Free
Bathroom – Full Marble Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bathroom – Jaccuzzi Yes (except 101 & 103) Yes Yes Yes
Separate Bed Romm
Bathroom – Private Steam Bath Yes ( except 102 & 103) Yes ( except 102 & 103) Yes ( except 102 & 103) Yes ( except 102 & 103)
Interconnected Rooms Yes (With Deluxe) Yes (With Deluxe) Yes (With Deluxe)
Room Service 7h à 22h30 7h à 22h30 7h à 22h30 7h à 22h30
Parking Valet Yes Yes Yes Yes
Limousine Service Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mini Bar Yes Yes Yes Yes
Other Non – smoking Non – smoking Non – smoking Non – smoking