Quai des Etats-Unis, 7 Avenue Président J. F. Kennedy 98000 Monte-Carlo, Monaco | Phone : +377 97 97 90 00 | Fax : +377 97 97 90 08 | email: [email protected]

Our Hotel

This is the view at sunrise, undoctored, from the Port Palace Terrace. Come try this new boutique hotel featuring, at affordable rates, urban elegance, chic interiors and airy, light-filled spaces. Steps away from the casinos and Shopping galleries, this Small Luxury Hotel is at the epicenter of Monaco’s legendary Grand Prix circuit and the Yacht Show. Brake away and come enjoy winter with us at incredible rates. Monte-Carlo Weather forecast?.

Fine Arts

At the Port palace, we are keen on arts. Permanent exhibitions fill our corridors and halls. Take for instance the beautiful and rich Getty Images pictures (now we feature a rare Slim Aarons collection) or the  world famous and talented Jerome Abel Seguin sculptures.

Behind a sleek facade, combining blue glass bow windows and stainless steel, the Port Palace reveals a sober and refined universe yielding to clear volumes and playing with the purity of lines in its architecture as well as in its decoration.  Its walls are always open to prime exhibitions such as the one from Getty Images of which this beautiful Audrey Hebpurn portrait is a an elegant testimony.

Its furniture combines labels such as Poltrona Frau and Rubelli fabrics but also a vast array of materials of prime quality: leather, silk, linen by Frette, Carrara marbles. Introducing an exciting palette of colors, contrasting textures and vibrant patterns, the Port Palace is set to bringing you the latest in style, service and high-touch innovation.