Quai des Etats-Unis, 7 Avenue Président J. F. Kennedy 98000 Monte-Carlo, Monaco | Phone : +377 97 97 90 00 | Fax : +377 97 97 90 08 | email: contact@portpalace.com

Beauty & Spa

Everyone needs to be pampered now and then… The importance that the Port Palace places on quality and contemporary luxury is also directly reflected in its wellness center.

Above all, the Port Palace beauty treatments are personalized, intimate, and based on relaxation and well being for the greatest pleasure of all Port Palace guests.

Hair Dresser

Also to be discovered is our  newly opened “Styling” Hairdressing Salon

By Appointments only.  These can be arranged simply by emailing us ahead of your arrival or by purchasing ahead of time at booking your hair styling session.

When you secure your hair salon session at room booking a special 10%  early bird discount applies.